Errata #5



The albedo of ISCCP radiometer simulator (albisccp variable) does not take into account the diurnal cycle leading to wrong values (larger than 0) during polar night. The cloudy fraction see by ISCCP simulator (cltisccp variable) is derived from the total cloudiness simulated by IPSL-CM5 (clt variable). Nevertheless, cltisccp climatic patterns seems to be roughly the half of clt and shows large differences with ISCCP observations, especially using IPSL-CM5A. These differences probably come from cloud liquid water content that is not being passed to the ISCCP simulator.


Variable Table Model Experiment Member Period
albisccp * IPSL-CM5A-[LM]R * * *-*
cltisccp * IPSL-CM5A-[LM]R * * *-*


In Progress

New version(s):



Tests actually are in process to compare and assess the impact of diurnal cycle and to solve the differences between ISCCP simulator and observations of cloudy fraction. The datasets will probably not be re-proceeded.

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