e-Query is a web-module developped to query a file or a set of file about versioning. The following from allows you to send a list of tracking ID(s) or filename(s) embedded in a simple text file. This module returns the version history for each queried file. It helps you as well to know if you have the latest version(s) of your file(s) with the associated corrections/modifications.

This interface will only deal with original CMIP5 files from IPSL-CM5.

How does it work?

  1. Download or copy this template.
  2. Fill it in two ways:
    1. With one tracking ID per line (recommended): tracking ID(s) can be found in global attributes of your file(s) using the NCO commands (e.g., "ncdump -h").
    2. With one filename and one version number per line, comma-separated: the version corresponds to the publication date of your file(s) and can be found in the dataset properties from ESGF portal.
  3. Select your template through the form.
  4. Send your request !
Max. 2Mo

Your query counts 0 files.

N.B.: Versions in bold letters are current versions of your files.

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